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As a young boy Lee Tamus always loved music, and was trained in piano. Not much later he was exposed to early 80’s funk music, and minimal electronic music (Kraftwerk, Germany) listening to 88.1 FM an alternative radio station in Toronto, Canada.

In high school he heard House and Techno for the first time and from there Lee Tamus became a lifetime fan of all genres of dance/electronic music from house, trance to techno and others.

Now, Lee Tamus enjoys bringing electronic music to the internet, by DJing and producing his own tracks from his studio in Toronto, Canada.

Lee Tamus is currently  a resident internet DJ and contributor at BestTranceMusic.com and he produces of various styles of electronic music from progressive, trance, techno and house.

His debut album “Beat Progression Vol. 1” is available at iTunes.com and AmazonMP3.com. Also check out his monthly electronic music mix at BestTranceMusic.com


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